Showcases & Equipments

Our Show cases can’t be beat for good looks, reliabiity and reasonable price. They come from four areas: China, Europe, Eastern Europe, and Thailand.

Please open our SHOWCASE CATALOGUE to see the complete product line. Below are a few of the more popular models:

Bosporus Belle

Our most popular case, made in Easten Europe with all-European parts,heated front and side glass, front-opening glass, French compressor, made by Europe’s oldest showcase manufacture, 80 years in business. In our 17 years of business we have never had a single service call for any of this company’s cases. Needs gas every few years. Comes in many sizes, a matching cake case and curved case shown below. Full specs in our catalogue.

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Gelato Master Another gorgeous case from the same manufacturer.

Also available as a matching pastry case and curved case.

  • Illuminated flavor labels
  • Easy to use sliding back doors
  • Heated antifogging glass
  • Low profile
  • Four sizes: (12,16,18 and 24)
  • French Tecumesh compressors
  • Swing-up front glass with piston hinge.

All European components.

  • Rear plastic doors or pull-down curtain.
  • Can be tropicalized
  • Matching pastry and cold stone case
  • 45° Curved case available.
  • Available in 220v50/60 Hz. or 3Phase
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Elegant Chinese countertop showcases

Elegant Chinese countertop showcases with transparent tubs (you can buy extra tubs), matching hot case and room temp cases.

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China Slim

The least expensive, full function case onthe market good-looking, highly relaible, with all the bells and whistels of themore expensive models. Made by our oldst and most reliable China manufacturer. Single row of 6, 7, 9 tubs. Can be configured for popsicles or packaged frozen desserts

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Very elegant and also one of our least expensive showcases, assembled in Thailand from Italian parts. Italian compresor. Passive freezing system similar to a home freezer: light, extremely durable, holds 7tubs, has a lower-level reserve tub compartment.

This case does well outdoors, at pools and is easily moved for festivals, sports events and home parties, easily lifted (empty) by two people. Runs on 220V.

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Tubs in frame case
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Freeze Master Chest Freezers

These are good-looking chest freezers, light weight, reliable,rugged, almost indestructible like a refrigerator and very inexpensive. All have interior lights. The trays are heavy plasic, into which anything can be laid. All have reserve stoerge. All have Embraqco compresors assmbled in Europe. They are all low in height, making it easy for kids to see.

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Gerona Case

The Gerona is our smart-looking low priced Chinese gelato display case but do not let its low price fool you. It is a completely professional, well built case. Anti-fogging electrically heated glass. Embraco compressor. Reverse hot gas defrosting. Glass rear doors. Comes in many sizes and colors. Can’t be beat for low price, good looks and reliability.

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Slush, soft serve,
milk-shake machines
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Waffle cone maker,
cone roller and mandril
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Trendy but inexpensive restaurant
or gelato shop furniture from China