Can These Really be Vegan Frozen Desserts? YES!

Cookie Dough Vanilla Vegan
Lemon Cream Yoghurt Vegan
Chocolate, Chocolate Brownie Vegan
Vegan Chocolate / Chocolate brownie
Vegan Thai Tea Sugar-free

Vegan frozen desserts look and taste like gelato but contain no animal products. Back in the old days, anything that was healthy usually meant it did not taste good. Those days are gone!

Because of all the new vegetable proteins and wonderful Hokkaido vegan cream flavor, it is possible to have cholesterol-free, low fat low sugar or even sugar-free treats that are as rich, creamy and delicious as original gelato. You can indulge in a delicious frozen dessert and feel good about it!

Take a look at the Nutrition Facts (left) of just a few of the many flavors. You can see they contain about 1/3 the calories of regular commercial ice cream, very little fat and sugar.


Our Vegan frozen desserts come in seven pre-packaged flavors plus unflavored. Add any of our 60 flavors to the unflavored!


Vegan frozen desert base is made the same way as our other bases. Just add contents of bag to 2 L of hot water, mix chill and add to batch machine. Your employees can learn to make it in minutes!

One bag of base makes one tub of frozen dessert