Entrepreneurs can get into business several ways. One way is to start from scratch, developing business procedures and creating name recognition. But it is never easy to start from scratch. Mistakes can be costly and create delays. You can actually run out of money before all the problems are solved.

With a franchise you get a clear picture of the cost before you have to pay and a clear plan based on years of experience. You get proven experts to help you, including designers to help create your shop design, technicians to help select equipment.

Part of being a franchise is name recognition. One name helps get you into the best malls and brings in many customers already familiar with the brand. Join the Dream Cones family! Put experts on your team.

Franchising is an option that has many benefits. We help design your shop, recommnd equipment, train your staff. You can use our many branded itms such as plates, napkins, uniforms. This saves you the cost of creating designs, making printing plates and ordering huge quantities. Just the savings on these things alone is greater than the low cost of the franchise!

As a franchisee, we use our profesional staff of experts to design your shop, select decor, machinery and lighting, saving you loads of money – you know exactly what you are getting before spending one Baht!

Empty space
Architectural Rendering
Finished Shop
Schematic Floor Plan
Finished Interior
Display Freezer
Franchising Makes Getting Space Easier

Fancy malls hesitate to rent to new businesses–they do not want to end up with an unprofessional space that detracts from the ambiance of the mall. Being the franchisee of a Thai busines opened in 2002 helps establish your bona fids. In addition, smart-looking renderings like this one (left) gives the landlord confidence.

In addition, we review your lease, help establish a corporation, bank account, help select staff and train them. You can see, you get so much for so little!

Loads of Marketing Materials

Illuminated Signs
Business Cards
Standing Promotions

What you can sell

Dream Cones offers an amazing variety of food products you can sell an you are obliged to sell only our brand in these categories but you can sell anything else that does no conflict with our product list. We can also provide a number of food entries, delvered finished to you or we can train you to make some of them.