Brand Development

Dream Cones prides itself on its unique ability to create new flavors and produce special formulations to meet your needs. You save the considerable expense of purchasing many thousands of

dollars of equipment, hire and train staff, rent manufacturing and storage space. We do all this at a price so low you could not match it by making the ice cream yourself!

We regularly produce the following types of frozen dessert products:

Gelato ice cream

Classic sherbets and sorbets

Sugar free and low fat products

Vegan sorbets

All of these are extremely delicious, all-natural and come packed with a spoon and ready to eat.



Our ice cream is outstanding in flavor and we can craft it to be unique under your brand.


Research and developmemt

We research and develop the product meet your needs at a reasonable cost.  This service includes the Nutrition Facts.


FDA Registration

We provide FDA registration for your finished product, Certificate of free sale,  You can use the FDA number we provide for sale in Thailand and also elsewhere.


One stop service for OEM

We do everything including research and development,  the product formulation, manufacture,  fill and pack.  When we are through, your product is ready to sell.


Logistics service

Stock and product distribution

Health Safety

Health/ Safety

Every one of our products is pasteurized immediately before being frozen, handled by fully-uniformed staff in a sealed, air-conditioned factory. Our factory maintains the highest level of cleanliness and health/safety, certified by Thai FDA, GMP, Halal, HACCP.